CSAM Prosang

Complete Workflow Support for Blood, Cell & Tissue Management

CSAM ProSang is an advanced Laboratory Information System (LIS) that simplifies the entire management of blood, cells and tissues – from donation to transfusion or transplantation.

The system was designed to support all aspects of blood management and has evolved to include the management of stem cells, transplantation and other tissues within its comprehensive process. CSAM ProSang also handles a variety of immunological examinations, including immunogenicity and tissue-type serology.

CSAM ProSang is a user-driven and feature-rich system that is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. The system is used by blood centres, blood donors, transfusion laboratories, clinical immunology laboratories, transplantation laboratories and stem cell facilities.

50-Year History of Safety, Accuracy & Security

The CSAM ProSang system has been used in Scandinavia for nearly 50 years, bringing an unmatched record of safety, security, cost efficiency and reliability.

CSAM ProSang delivers the complete traceability of blood, cells and tissues from the donor to the recipient. The system has been developed and enhanced over more than four decades to provide customers with a high-quality workflow process that guarantees safety, accuracy and security in blood, cell and tissue management.

CSAM ProSang is a CE-labeled medical product and complies with all laws and specifications issued by governmental health authorities in Scandinavia and within the European Union directive.


– Comprehensive workflow process optimizes patient safety and workflow efficiency.

– Continuously updated in close cooperation with users to deliver the greatest value for their operations.

– Assists in the prevention of serious medical errors by automatically recognizing and alerting users if the incorrect sample is scanned.

– Facilitates the regional exchange of donor information, blood, cells and tissues across hospitals.

– Helps organizations save money by reducing waste and optimizing stock.


CSAM ProSang offers the following key features:

– Comprehensive donor administration with automatic call-in via text, email or letter.

– Rigorous monitoring process for the production of blood, cells and tissues.

– Advanced barcode labelling in accordance with the ISBT 128-standard.

– Complete support for blood, cell and tissue analysis.

– Integration with most analysis instruments.

– Performs a variety of electronic compatibility testing, including crossmatch testing.

– Includes transfusion reporting and retrieval of unused blood.

– Fully scalable and configurable to the needs of any organization – large or small.

Seamless Integration

CSAM ProSang integrates with electronic health record systems, hospital information systems and other laboratory systems, including biochemistry and microbiology labs. The system is also compatible with the majority of analysis equipment on the market.

The CSAM ProSang system currently operates in five countries, at more than 180 blood centres, in 26 healthcare regions, where it is integrated with a variety of IT systems and instruments. The system supports a wide range of integration options for different organizations.

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