CSAM Paratus

CSAM Paratus

Emergency service professionals rely on highly responsive, accurate and specialized solutions to save lives. The CSAM Paratus portfolio features a number of products that deliver operational support and optimization for emergency service professionals, including ambulances and fire brigades.

The CSAM Paratus Platform features the following products:

Paratus Web

Paratus Web is a collection of applications including Paratus Admin, Paratus Sync, Paratus Economics, Paratus Emergency Department and Paratus Major Incident. The applications in the Paratus Web system were designed and built to deliver administrative and operational value to customers.

Paratus Admin includes all of the tools an organization needs to administer their systems, such as personnel, organization infrastructure, competences, permissions, basic reports, and more. The system features 50 basic reports; additional analysis and statistics are available in Paratus Statistics and Paratus Map Report.

Paratus Sync delivers automatic syncing of new documents, routines, software updates, map layers, and more to the mobile clients. The system ensures secure syncing of data and the procedure is monitoring during the whole process.

Paratus Economic was developed to optimize value and deliver full control of the economic processes. The system allows users to price out every part of the different processes to capitalize on opportunities for increased value or cost savings.

Paratus Emergency Department is used in the Emergency Department for presenting live data, such as incoming ambulance transports, patient status, and access to ongoing ePCR(F) from the ambulance. The application is also used to communicate with hospitals and incident management at different levels.

Paratus Major Incident is a tool for managing major incidents that delivers common situational awareness when a group of personnel need to cooperate and organize their work. The information from the incident scene is shared simultaneously with the Emergency Department, the higher hospital management, and the dispatch centre.

Paratus Advisory System is a stand-alone application that provides ambulance personnel with support in choosing the right hospital based on patient status and classification/status of the hospital.

Paratus Navigation

The Paratus Mobile System is used for navigation and assignment handling, supporting various communication methods, including Tetra, GPRS, LTE, 3G, WIFI and LAN. The system secures communication via a robust and resilient communication engine within Paratus Navigation.

Paratus Mobile Ambos 

Paratus Mobile Ambos is an electronic Patient Care Record (Form)(ePCR(F)) system that is scalable, flexible, secure and patient-safe.

Paratus Information Board

Paratus Information Board is used by fire departments, police and ambulance stations to display new incoming alarms, location information and other important data for personnel.

Paratus Statistics

Paratus Statistics is used for more in-depth analysis and additional statistics. The product is built on a well-defined table structure that aims to use an organization’s existing statistical tools.

Paratus Map Report

Paratus Map Report is a statistical and analysis tool that can be used to replay and analyze previous missions. The tool is also useful for analyzing long-term data and visualizing the results on a map.

Paratus Object Creator

Paratus Object Creator is a useful tool for adding layers in the different map environments within CSAM Paratus (e.g. Paratus Mobile System or Paratus Information Board).

Paratus Integrations 

CSAM Paratus integrates seamlessly with a variety of emergency service and healthcare technologies, including health records and official registers, medical technology equipment and devices, hospital record systems, as well as an array of communications equipment.