Emergency Medical Information System

CSAM AMIS (Emergency Medical Information System) is designed for handling emergency calls and for coordinating all aspects of an emergency response.  The system coordinates both routine and emergency ambulance transport together with all critical resources such as aircraft, helicopters and personnel.

CSAM AMIS has become a standard component of Norwegian healthcare continually providing information to several systems within the healthcare domain through robust integration within the EMCC environment.  The software is deployed throughout Norway and used by all 18 Norwegian EMCCs as well as by many local medical emergency departments.  We estimate that more than 10 Million incidents have been registered and handled through CSAM AMIS.

The CSAM AMIS software has been continuously developed in line with the needs of the sector and in compliance with local government regulations.  Based on this history of continuous improvement and the sheer number of deliverables over a very long period of time, we regard this system as a core domain competence.  We consider that through CSAM AMIS we have made a unique and valuable contribution to the development of integrated, high availability and scalable EMCC solutions.

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