CSAM Infobroker

A Vendor Neutral telemedicine system for Radiology.

Integrates tightly with your existing RIS/PACS

CSAM Infobroker is a Vendor Neutral telemedicine system for Radiology which permits multiple radiology sites to share resources and knowledge whilst allowing patients to move freely between sites.

CSAM Infobroker integrates tightly with your existing RIS/PACS, making it possible to:

  • Review the full patient history, regardless of origin.
  • Move referrals to other sites (load balancing)
  • Move primary and/or secondary review between sites

CSAM Infobroker is designed to work with high case volumes requiring movement or sharing of twenty or more referrals per day or where manual sending of referrals and images by means of post, e-mail or taxi is simply too cumbersome and expensive.

As far as we are aware, CSAM Infobroker is the only high volume system that is especially designed to connect RIS/PACS systems from different vendors.


Efficient use of resources

By introducing CSAM Infobroker you can improve efficiency and control costs by using the most appropriate radiologist for review or second opinion.

There is no longer a need to have a radiologist on site 24/7.

Reduce a case backlog

You can shorten your backlog by moving referrals or reviews to less busy sites, or if you prefer, utilize private organizations to help you handle peeks or problems during sickness or vacation time.

Manage sub-contractors

Depending on your preference, CSAM Infobroker will allow you to share cases with external organisations during peak periods or otherwise reduce your dependence on expensive out-sourcing

Improve patient service

The efficiencies gained from CSAM Infobroker enhance case turnaround, improve patient service levels and improve clinical quality.

CSAM infobroker gives you the tools you need to lower your overall cost of care.


CSAM Infobroker integrates tightly with most RIS/PACS systems providing you with the following types of capabilities:

  • To find historical patient records and images in other systems and move them to your own site, straight into your local RIS and PACS that you are already familiar with.
  • To send referrals/images for first or second review to other sites. In most cases you do this directly from the RIS you are already acquainted with.
  • To send “backlog” referrals to a shared pool where anyone can voluntary take them.  If no one picks them up in a given time frame, they can be automatically sent back to the origin.
  • To create your own rules to automatically push backlog to the pool. For example, all MRs older than three days!


CSAM Infobroker integrates with most major PACS/RIS vendors, such as

  • GE
  • Sectra
  • CareStream
  • Agfa
  • Adapt (RIS)

The product is also designed to allow for future integrations with other RIS/PACS systems not mentioned above.

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