Connected Healthcare Engine

Our core technology CSAM CHE provides users in care organisations with comprehensive, shared, up to date access to patient information. CSAM CHE offers a true ‘one patient-one record’ solution by connecting systems and information sources within and across health and social care organisations.

CSAM CHE employs state of the art security standards, presenting the user with an on-screen work environment of web-based clinical portals and a range of portal applications.  The portals provide access to integrated healthcare systems displaying, for example, clinical overviews, patient lists, care plans, work-lists or order communications.

CSAM CHE uses its own internal security system, but may be configured to work with external security models. The connected source systems may be accessed directly through the portal (via access privileges) retaining patient context and providing single sign-on capability.

Download the brochure or view the video to learn more about the  CSAM Connected Healthcare Engine.

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