CSAM Health AS Announces Acquisition of Databyrån AB

CSAM Health AS Announces Agreement to Acquire Databyrån AB

The agreed Acquisition of ProSang company strengthens CSAM’s position as the leading provider of specialized solutions in the Nordic eHealth Market.

Specialized techology and emergency medical response

Specialized Technology Enables Life-Saving EMR

Specialized Technology Enables Life-Saving Emergency Medical Response (EMR)
In a medical emergency, every second counts, and just a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

CSAM Office Norway

CSAM Welcomes New Group Sales Director – Rolf-Henry Grønlund

CSAM is pleased to announce the appointment of Rolf-Henry Grønlund to the position of Group Sales Director. In his new role, Rolf-Henry will be responsible for delivering organic sales growth across the full breadth of CSAM products, in both existing and new markets.

– I am thrilled to welcome Rolf-Henry to CSAM, said Sverre Flatby,

Information sharing technologies

Information Sharing Technologies are Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare systems around the world are transforming, driven by the demand from consumers for more patient-centred care, a desire by healthcare professionals to provide improved quality and efficiency of care, and the need of payers to stem the rising costs of healthcare delivery. Improving the healthcare system on all fronts requires increased information sharing through connected healthcare technologies that provide access to important patient information across various healthcare facilities and providers.

Working at desk

Specialized eHealth Solutions Ensure Clinical Productivity and Innovation

Over the past decade, technological innovations have transformed most industries, including healthcare. From medical devices to software, digital technology is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered – in hospitals, in communities, and in your home. In the Nordic countries, the healthcare business is ahead of the curve when it comes to IT adoption. Now, connectivity,

Sverre Flatby talks at EHiN 2016

The Pac-Man game is on in eHealth

CEO Sverre Flatby gave a speech in Oslo Spektrum during EHiN in 2016 – the biggets eHealth conference in Norway.

The main EHiN topic was the future of healthcare and how it will impact all software vendors in the healthcare industry.

– The fast-changing eHealth software industry faces huge challenges due to on-going customer consolidation,

pregnant woman with tablet

The dawn of a new era for maternity support

Through its third acquisition in 18 months, CSAM now leads the way towards an integrated Maternity eHealth platform for the Nordic countries.

CSAM has been a leading maternity software vendor for many years, and following the acquisition of Finnish software company MediWare Oy, we now witness the birth of a true collaborative maternity platform for the Nordics.

CSAM acquires MediWare Oy

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016


CSAM acquires MediWare Oy

Oslo, Norway

Norwegian based eHealth company CSAM is pleased to announce that it has acquired Finnish Maternity software company MediWare Oy.

Through this acquisition, CSAM becomes the leading dedicated eHealth specialist within the Maternity field in the Nordics.”,

CSAM Announces Closing of Mawell eSystems Acquisition 

Friday, January 29th, 2016


CSAM Announces Closing of Mawell eSystems Acquisition 

Oslo, Norway

CSAM Health AS is pleased to announce that it has completed its acquisition of Finnish company Mawell Oy’s eHealth product division; eSystems. Mawell eSystems is one of the few Nordic based eHealth software divisions that has been successful in exporting eHealth software and over the years developed a robust and diversified customer base.

CSAM and Mawell

CSAM moves forward

The merger of CSAM and Finnish Mawell’s eSystem division January 29th 2016 has yielded a powerful Nordic eHealth company with a wide range of competitive and complementary products.

Unlike many local suppliers of clinical systems, CSAM’s distribution of software solutions is now balanced between Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland in addition to a carefully growing export outside the Nordics.